100mg cbd full spectrum suppository – 1 ct


CBD suppositories/rockets can be inserted vaginally or anally, we have insertion tools to make it easy. The trick is freezing them before inserting and using them on a regular basis for at least a month. Suppositories can be used for: vaginal pain and disease (endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, lichen sclerosus), sexual or general lubrication for increased pleasure and pain relief, menstrual cramps, muscle relaxation for sex, pain, reproductive or digestive issues, hemorrhoids, anxiety relief and reduction of menopause symptoms. Did you know, our pelvic region contains oodles of nerves and has endocannabinoid receptors allowing suppositories to offer quick cannabinoid absorption and rapid relief.



100mg CBD Full Spectrum Suppository Ingredients: Mango Butter, 100mg Full Spectrum CBD

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Mango Butter, 100mg Full Spectrum CBD




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