About Us

I grew up in the fields and forests of Oklahoma with my loving family and earned a bachelor’s in Studio Art/Sculpture. I heard the call of the ocean and made my way out west to sunny San Diego; I have lived here for 12 years now.

I’ve always been a creator, but my journey into natural living and making my own products really began after I became sober and underwent two major back surgeries. Revived with a new appreciation for my health, I decided to clear my home of toxins and put safe and natural ingredients in my body and on my skin. I started making my own health and beauty products and household cleaners and began to see the difference.

I shared this passion with my friends and family; my ideas and products quickly gained a following and I found my purpose in life: to educate, inspire, naturally heal, create beauty and share it with others.

Making small batch, artisan products is what sets me apart. My clients and small companies often come to me for custom products. We talk about what they need and I make a product specific to them, be it beautiful or effective. What I create goes beyond health and beauty, it’s an art form and I really do craft my products with my soul.

I’ve been making soap for 2 years, and am constantly learning crafting methods, natural ingredient remedies and benefits, and I know this is my lifelong journey. I deliver in San Diego and ship country wide; you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and here on my website.

I’m always available to contact with any needs or questions you might have, and I sincerely thank you for supporting my small woman owned business =)